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             In all advertisements, there is a common goal, make the product appealing. Whether it's sex appeal, location, or discrete psychological targets, a Camels" cigarette ad is a perfect display of the techniques used to accomplish this goal.
             As a whole, the ad is applying a psychological term called the peripheral-route to persuasion. The peripheral- route is projected through sexual appeal and visual stimulus, as opposed to the company sending a message through text. This approach is trying to seize people with low resistance to persuasion, using bright colors in a flashy setting. The visual stimulus attracts the consumer first and then sex appeal is used to make people stare for a few moments. The cigarette companies only need a few seconds to plant the thought in someone's brain. A person could be a lifetime smoker or just thinking about trying it, and this ad throws gas on the fire. .
             If that isn't enough, the company then classifies brands in categories such as: Exotic & Indulgent, Mellow & Turkish, and Rich & Classic. This technique is saying to the consumer that this brand of cigarettes can fit anyone's tastes and needs. Just choose a brand that pertains to your liking. The goal here is not to target a small group. The more people it relates to, the more chances they have of someone buying their product. If they are successful with just one person, this individual is most likely going to be a lasting consumer of Camels". Cigarette companies have millions of clientele, paying thousands of dollars over a long period of time. The main goal for companies is just to get the idea implanted into as many people as possible.
             Sexual appeal is another scheme used to get the reader to contemplate buying cigarettes. Without a doubt it is the most effective and popular means of advertisement. Sex can be found throughout this advertisement. Directly centered, in the ad, is a classy blond for your entertainment.

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