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The Advertisements Assignment

            Everyday we see advertisements and we can not help it they are everywhere. A good advertisement should tell people about the business, the product, the services for sale, and the benefits of buying from that business. The purpose of the assignment is to state whether advertisements manipulate the public or not. On my personal opinion, not all advertisements are good, I think they manipulate the public to have them buy their products.
             To begin with the first advertisement is from Cenegenics Medical Institute, it has a 54 year old dr who is ripped, lots of muscle tone, looks young, advertisement includes a before and after picture of him before he started using the program looking older and fat, after picture shows the doctor looking younger and fitted with muscles. The program offers a balance combination of nutrition, exercise, and hormones. After doing some research on the company, I found out that the program didn't work for most of the people who subscribed to it. The emotional appeal for this would be the need to achieve because looking young at the age of 54 is difficult.
             The second advertisement is a Muscle Milk the advertisement with professional basketball player, Stephen Curry, jumping up into the air with a ball dressed in all under armor, another one of his sponsors, having nothing to do with it. While the Muscle Milk product is on the bottom right corner hardly showing. Just by looking at the advertisement, the basketball player promotes strength acquired by drinking the muscle milk. But as a matter of fact we know the just the muscle milk itself does not give you the strength, that comes with discipline of nutrition and work out routines. It would fall under the category need to achieve because in the book it says "sport heroes are the most convenient to snare consumers." .
             The third advertisement by Levi's and has a famous musician that goes by the name of Dualist Inquiry wearing the jeans while holding his guitar.

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