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Advertising and Young Male Adults

            As we all may not know, we live in a world where advertisers are the predators and consumers are the prey. Advertiser knows how to get consumers attention by using different appeals base on the target audience. From the essay of Jib Fowles Advertising's Fifteen Basic Appeals research shows that "average American is exposed to some 500 ads daily from television, newspapers, magazines, radio, billboards, direct mail, and so on." This means all the consumers are being targeted every day. We may or we may not know it intentionally but it's around us daily from cell phones apps, billboards, magazine, subway stations, buses, televisions, and etc. The ads that catch our attention are usually the ones with catchy words and sentences. Majority of the teens are being targeted by large companies like Axe and Vogue because it's so easy for the advertiser to pursue them into buying their product. Since guys are always in focus of how to get girls attention advertisers use that setting as an advantage to sell their product. Advertisers targeted young male adults to buy their product by using sexual attraction of female because guys are always in desire of girl's attention. .
             One of the ads by Axe that target young male adults uses a catchy and curious message that says "Girls Prefer Dry Guys" with the Axe deodorant on the back ground with water splashing out of it. It looks like they know what they're talking about and promising something that all the guys would want. This is the need of attention and feeling safe in front of the girls. All guys want to smell good in front of the ladies to impress them. Since when do guys become in wanting to impress girls so much that they end up spending so much money on buying these products. Well, in Jean Kilbourne lecture of "Killing Us Softly" she mentions that "although ads may seem harmless and silly, they add up to a powerful form of cultural conditioning.

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