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            Advertisements are made for the enhancement of sales of a given product. Most advertisements target a select group of people by choosing a logo that appeals to that demographic. For example, the ad that I selected is part of an anti-smoking campaign. The advertisement, in bold lettering states, "TOBACCO IS WACKO!!!" and has a cartoon boy coughing profusely. This is obviously a ploy to influence teens to turn away from tobacco use. The words that are used in this campaign are slang as well as urban, which would communicate the best with young people, as opposed to Adults who would generally use different language.
             Language plays a very important part in advertising. For example, if I were to sell a product that was made mainly for woman, and used more masculine words to describe the product, it would not sell as well as a product that was described with feminine words. For example, a hand lotion made for women would not use words like "treats rough, hard and dry skin", it would use more flowery words such as "moisturizes and enriches rough skin." .
             Wording is a very important key in advertisement; if the language doesn't target the appropriate audience the product will not sell as well. Another Big key is the design of the advertisement. For example, a design with a large and blunt logo is straight to the point and very direct. It allows the person know what the company is after and what they have to say quickly, so the point is set into the viewers mind from the very start. Another design that is common is the advertisements with smaller words that make the viewer read closely, which sometimes makes the reader think about then logo. These logos are usually ones that have vivid pictures to sell the product and don't need to use words; the picture usually speaks for itself.
             The final crucial point in advertisement is the illustration. The picture draws you into the advertisement with little to no thought; therefore it's the easiest point to sell.

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