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Herbal Essences

             As a typical individual in this world, I see the world full of advertisements. They are everywhere as my eyes look around. These advertisement we see in our daily life brings out a point, regardless of the important level on the meaning behind these advertisements. Still, they can and may bring the wrong idea in people's mind. Advertisment is nothing but trying to persaude people into being side with them. .
             The arguement in this advertisment is can Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner provide the volumize the hair on everyone's head. This arguement is between the reader and the company, Herbal Essences. Many thoughts can be brought out as the reader looks at this advertisment. If the reader is not a Herbal Essence user, the reader would most likely question about the creditbility of this advertisment. Questions such as If my hair truly going to be more volumize and be as beautiful as the woman on this page? This is probably one of the first questions that will run through any readers mind.
             The layout of this advertisement is a picture of a beautiful woman's head lifted half way up, showing mostly her hair covering most of the page. It appears to have not much of a background, only a little bit of off-white is shown on the upper right corner of the page. The way this is presented means that the reader should focus on her hair. Her eyes are half-way close with a slightly open mouth smile, showing us that she is very satified and happy. On the bottom on the page, in the center, there is a bottle of the shampoo. This helps the reader to recognize this bottle in the future. The bottle appears to be very pretty with sunflower in the back trying to tell the readers that it smells like sunflower. .
             Many phases are in this advertisement. The catching phase is "Who wouldn't want this body?". This is on the upper left corner of the page written on top of the hair. The author is trying to get our attention by questioning us what we want.

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