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Integration and Skepticism of

            Integration and Skepticism of Chinese Medicine.
             Over the past few decades some Western scientists have attempted to scientifically and rationally explain the efficacy of "alternative- healing methods, particularly that of traditional Chinese medicine. However, the majority of these studies, conducted during the 1960's through 1970's, incorporated a biased point of view, in that the authors wrote their reports from a Westernized perspective. Instead of evaluating traditional Chinese medicine from an epistemological and cultural standpoint, these skeptics noted inconsistencies in the scientific methodology practiced by Chinese physicians and researchers visĀ -vis traditional Western scientific thought. These writings were polemic in nature, and primarily appeared at a detrimental time of social upheaval within the country of China (Scheid, 2002). The Chinese Proletarian Cultural Revolution (1966-1977) greatly limited the field of traditional Chinese medicine. Journals that would serve to elucidate, enrich, and promote traditional Chinese medicine were suppressed, and academic practitioners were discouraged through lack of governmental funding and overall support. The Chinese government refused to sponsor traditional Chinese medicine unless a more Westernized approach evolved within the field. This implied the Western application of scientific analysis. Indeed, Farquhar states, "Science is the weapon in a struggle to ensure a future for- practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine (Farquhar, 1994). As Farquhar further states, "official traditional medicine may be narrowing, growing more and more rigorously scientific,"" it is evident that Chinese scholars have adopted the Western ideology of scientific methodology to a certain extent (Farquhar, 1994). Since the 1980's Chinese medicinal researchers have endeavored to validate their healing methods through quantifiable and rational experiments.

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