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Business Plan

             The purpose of this business plan is to inform, project, evaluate and analyse our business concept and the means by which we plan to implement it. It includes details of our finances, marketing strategies, resources and details of each of the four promoters. .
             Our business plan is about a store that we intend to set up. It will be called "Herbal Essence-. It will specialise in alternative medicines, herbal remedies and relaxation products to relax and purify body and soul. .
             The advantage that our store has is that it will have all of these products under one roof, whereas our competitors usually specialise in only one of these areas. .
             The management team is xxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxx, xxxxxxx and xxxxxx.
             From analysing our financial requirements, we have come to the conclusion that two long term loans of 15,000 and 40,000 for a company van and fixtures and fittings. Promoters own funds total 36,000. Put together, there will be enough finance to cover our 90,400 requirement .
             Our store will be called Herbal Essence and will be located in Suffolk Street in Dublin. .
             Our store will sell alternative medicines, herbal remedies. It will also include products such as incense, oils, scented candles and other relaxation products to help purify both body and soul. Our business will be aimed towards people who prefer natural healing rather than harsh modern day medicines. .
             Herbal remedies increasing use in recent years is evidence of a public interest in having an alternative to conventional medicine. Herbal medicinal products are currently among the most popular medicinal treatments used for the self-treatment of minor medical conditions. At the moment even some general practitioners are starting to prescribe herbal medicines as treatments.
             Marketing Research and Planning.
             Marketing research and analysis.
             Marketing plan.
             Process and Resources.
             Operations Plan.
             Organisational plan.

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