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Business Plan - Room For Dessert

            Room for Dessert (RFD) is a full service, fine dining restaurant serving desserts and beverages. A group of two RFD and a store-level management team will launch the business. Paul Conforti and Kim Moore will be the founders and an undecided management team would consist of a GM, an Assistant GM, and two pastry chefs/kitchen managers. Both the founders received their MBAs from HBS focusing on entrepreneurial management and food-industry. While at HBS, Conforti was appointed Co-Chair of HBS Venture's BoD. He was also a member of the Small Business $ New Enterprise club, Venture Capital Club, and Food Industry Club. Conforti also led a year-long study analyzing the dessert niche of the restaurant industry. RFD's business model and plan are based on that year- long study. As far as his work experience goes, he was the Manager and before that, Business Manager for dental Insurance claim customer service center for Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. While Kim was elected to Harbus New Board of Directors during her stay at Harvard. She was also very active in Marketing Club, Women's student Association. She has diverse work experience in small project management and production. She was a senior Production Associate for ABC News, Intern for CNN and, Associate Producer for Capital Cities/ABC, INC. Therefore, we can conclude that both founders of RFD are well qualified and experienced for the start-up as they have worked in similar conditions and have acquired skills core to operating a successful restaurant: attention to detail, execution under pressure, and working with people to accomplish goals.
             RFD already has a potential Board of Directors high on restaurant industry experience in the likes of Jim Kern (Retired Chairman, Creative Food Management), Mike Nardozza (GM, Restaurant Operations, Windy City International LTD) and others. RFD will also need to hire a GM, an Assistant GM, and two pastry chefs for the initial unit.

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