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Marketing Analysis of Canned Coffee to Estonia

            Baltik Koffee currently operates in Joplin, Missouri as a canned coffee maker. They have 304,000 customers that drink an average of 2.5 cans of coffee per day. This company has a annual net profit of over $65 Million, produces 2 million cans of coffee per day and is currently seeking new markets to enter around the globe. One possible venture is to take canned coffee to Estonia, located on the Baltic Sea. .
             The Baltic region has a high percentage of coffee drinkers compared to the rest of the world and therefore we decided to start a venture in the region. The geography of the region is temperate which means that it has a similar climate to 1/3 of the United States, which should allow us a fairly accurate prediction for spoilage and inventory levels due to weather and transportation. Estonia has a temperate climate, with warm summers and severe winters. Temperatures range from a summer average of 70°F (30°C) to a winter average of 18°F (-8°C). .
             Estonia is the smallest of the three Baltic States. Estonia is a low, flat country with a hilly region in the southeast. It has a long, shallow coastline on the Baltic Sea, with many islands off the coast. Over a third of the country is forest. Estonian family life is nowadays centered on the nuclear family. Members of an extended family typically live apart, and youths seek independence and typically move from their parents' residence around the age of twenty. "The divorce rate is close to 60%. Estonia has one of the greatest percentages of single parents in Europe. The average percentage of single parents in Europe is 13%, while in Estonia in 2000, 19% of the families with children under 18 had only one parent. In 2006, the percentage fell to 16%. The decline may be affected by the overall decline in birth rate." (Nuclear Family, 2012) .
             Today's education in Estonia is divided into general, vocational and hobby education. The education system is based on four levels which include the preschool, basic, secondary and higher education.

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