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             This article is an explanation on what is wrong with advertisement today. Many advertisements assume the primary function of advertisement is to communicate. Companies think "Tell more, sell more". The idea that advertisement is a form of communications is deeply embedded in the corporate psyche. Many advertisements departments are now calling themselves the Marketing Communication Department instead. This name encourages advertising people to go in exactly the wrong direction.
             Advertising is not communications. Advertisement is positioning. The best advertisement communicates precious little about the product or service. The best advertisement now establishes and reinforces a position in the prospect's mind. For example some companies sell their products but the consumer only knows that particular product as expensive and who the company is that makes the product. But the problem is when a company advertises, an individual mind is too small to hold all the marketing messages that companies are trying to stuff into it. They try to communicate more information then necessary.
             The primary function of a marketing organization is to position the brand. It can be shocking on how much information the average prospect holds in his or her mind. When a company advertises they need to decide if they want to communicate or are trying to position. There is a big difference between these two types of advertisements. .
             When reading over this article and comparing it to our class discussion, I believe that a company's advertisements should have market analysis components. Such as: the consumers, the company, the competitors, and the conditions. The marketing strategy plays a great role in what type of advertisement a company should perform and how they should change their way of advertisement.

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