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             The area of study that I chose for this paper is Marketing. This subject matter never fails to interest me, as it is very exciting to learn the various marketing tools used to reach anyone and everyone. In order to go in depth with this subject, I came across a number of sources that can be of great help. The point is that can all the sources do justice to a particular area? What sources are popular and who are they most helpful for. Conferences and journals are the resources that are most popular among the professors, whereas professionals prefer newsletters. Libraries and databases seem to be the most handy and reliable sources for students. .
             Academic Journals published by qualified professionals can be found online. "The effects of organizational culture on conflict resolution in marketing journal," written by Sungwoo Jung of State University of New York has been published in the Journal of American Academy of Business. This journal explains strategies to resolve the conflicts between manufacturers and suppliers in order to build healthy long-term relationships. This journal also publishes a number of articles and work done by renowned scholars and professors, such as Lee R. Duffus, a marketing professor at Florida Gulf Coast University, and Dr. Z. S. Demirdjian from California State University. Almost all professors are involved in journal writings and conferences. This journal does provide some important information on marketing strategies, which can be valuable for students or marketers just starting out in this area. .
             The "Marketing Science Journal" is a popular e-journal supported by the University of Florida and sponsored by The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS). Steven M. Shugan is the editor-in-chief of this journal who himself is a great professor and an author of a number of journals. In 2003, he won an award for the Best Article in the "Journal of Retailing".

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