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Direct marketing

             Direct Marketing is a way of distributing information about products and services directly to individuals in the intended audience.
             It means that Direct Marketing is delivered directly to our prospective buyer.
             It helps you to:.
             • strengthen your relationship with the customers who are already purchasing from you.
             • target advertising messages to a selected group of loyal buyers.
             • increase your sales by demanding immediate action.
             • expand your customer base.
             Advertising media like broadcast and print are indirect " we just hope that someone hears our ad on the radio or sees it in a magazine. In Direct Marketing, we choose the individuals we market to. That lets us target our advertising more precisely, because we can build a database with detailed information on each prospect. .
             The most common medium for Direct Marketing is postal mail. Mass media, such as television, takes a shotgun approach to a large, diverse universe of potential customers. Direct Mail, on the other hand, can be targeted to a single individual or business at a single address. The degree to which that individual is a potential customer, having a specific set of criteria, is a function of which list we use.
             In most cases, Direct Marketing is used to generate a direct response. It is designed to receive payment or a request for information by return mail or telephone. Indeed, the goal is to sell something or to obtain an inquiry. We ask people to order our product from us, or at least give them the opportunity to request more information. Thus, every response can be measured: cost per order, cost per lead, and the pound value of a customer are common calculations in Direct Marketing. We know exactly what our money is doing for us (or not doing) and therefore we can take appropriate action. By carefully testing and tracking responses on a small scale, we can effectively predict the revenues that will result from a large-scale campaign.

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