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Herbs to Herbs

             Herbal gardening, with all its possibilities, opens doors to functions and practical everyday uses. Many people are familiar with herbs as foods; however, for thousands of years, many cultures around the world have used herbs and plants not just to eat but also to treat illness. What many people don't know, estimates show that 80% of the world's population use some form of herbal medicine (The Forgotten Art of Growing).
             Venture into one of the largest growth industries in agriculture, the variety of plants classified as herbs, the definition as to what an herb is, the interesting historical accounts of herbal gardening, herbal alternative medicines, source of healing, forms of herbal preparations, design and environments of herbal gardening, and culinary information that could be helpful in an everyday situation or when least likely to be used (The Forgotten Art of Growing).
             Herbs have been variously defined among many botanists as a nonwoody seed plant. Herbs are distinguished from all other plants by the possession of certain properties as a useful flavoring or garnish in cooking, for medical purpose, perfume, dyeing, insecticide and industrial uses, and so on. Herbs can be a nonseed producing plant as well as seed producing plant, either stated as nonwoody or woody. As nonwoody, the herb may be annual, biennial, or a perennial; as woody, a tree or shrub. The certain property that makes a herb useful maybe obtained from various plant parts that include the root, stem, leaf, flower, fruit, seed, bark, etc (The Essence of Herbs).
             Since the beginning of recorded history, herbal medicine has been handed down from generation to generation (The Complete Guide to Herbal Medicines). The practice of gathering, growing, and using herbs has existed among all cultures. For as long as man has been on this ecosphere, he has enjoyed herbs for flavoring his food, as medicine, and for the fragrances.

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