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Libman Company Advertisement Analysis

            When flipping through the Home Goods Living magazine, one ad stuck out like a sore thumb. A woman in a karate stance wearing bright green colors, holding a mop in the center, is inviting the readers to get serious about what they use when cleaning their homes. This Libman Company ad being in the magazine, mainly focuses on female audiences, but can speak to any one of its subscribers. The purpose of the ad is to have these female consumers want to buy the mop since it will help them get their "vengeance" on dirt, while maintaining an emphasis on strong women. In addition, the woman in this ad is dressed like the Bride from the movie Kill Bill, to emphasize how effective the mop is at destroying dirt. The movie Kill Bill, features a strong female assassin, who takes vengeance against her ex-partner. This advertisement also plays on a social controversy of gender roles with the focus being on women as the ones that clean the house. The ad's argument is very effective through the use of visuals, context, ethos, pathos and logos. .
             Green is a bold and bright color that helps the advertisement standout to readers when flipping through the pages of a magazine. The visual of a woman in a green jumpsuit draws the reader's attention straight to her and her appearance. The advertisement coordinates her outfit with the green theme of the brand's packaging and looks very similar to the familiar female character from Kill Bill. The stripes of her jumpsuit also look strikingly similar to the pattern of the mop product being sold in the ad. By grabbing the reader's initial attention, the Libman Company is getting their cleaning product seen by a vast amount of consumers, while also displaying their marketing techniques. With a serious face, the woman featured in this ad could be a method for promoting the notion that the cleaning product means business. The context for features of the Freedom Mop advertised, are short and sweet, telling the reader exactly what the product can do without long-winded paragraphs.

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