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Concepts of Effective Advertising

            Advertisements are always all around us. People will always see a lot of advertisements, whether take public transportation or walk around the street. Advertisements have become a big part of people daily life. In advertisements, there was fifteen basic emotional appeal's tool for attracting consumers develop by Fowles. Based on these fifteen appeals tool, advertisements can appeal to such as the need for aggress, the need for affiliation and the need to nurture and so on. These appeals tool can help people analysis whether an advertisement is effective or not. These fifteen appeals tool have proven to be a valuable way of classifying advertisements. It's very important to for the company to use effective strategies to create good ads to attract consumers to buy their product. Although not every company are using all of the fifteen appeals tools, these tools can sure help analysis whether an advertisement is effective or not. The more appeal's strategies that the advertisement companies use, the more effective of an advertisement will be. .
             The De Soto advertisement is using three of the fifteen emotional tool that are the need to satisfy their curiosity and the need for attention to help the advertisement to became effective to attract consumers. De Soto displays a man who is driving a De Soto car attracts a lot of people around the neighborhood to see it. Kids and adults seem very excited when this brand new car stop near them in this print ad. The slogan under this print ad said 8 out of 10 owners who use De Soto cars are considered De Soto car is the most satisfactory car that they ever owned. It has a great durability. When consumers saw this ad, it will immediately bring out their attention and curiosity on the headline. They will wonder, will they be truly satisfied after buying the car just like the ad said? According to Fowles, "Human beings are curious by nature, interested the world around them, and intrigued by tidbits of knowledge and new developments" (564).

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