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The Variety Of Advertising Techniques

            The Variety of Advertising Techniques.
             The capitalist society invented advertising with only one purpose: to sell the .
             product. Advertisers are willing to do just about anything in order to get consumer attention and persuade them to purchase their products. Consumers are inundated with advertisements each and every day. Advertisers use numerous intriguing techniques such as the Egalitarian approach and the Elitist approach to captivate broad audiences and mesmerize them to the point they are in desperate need for the advertised product.
             By using the Egalitarian approach, the advertisers are trying to appeal to everyone, especially the common people. They accomplish their goals by giving people a false sense of equality as if class barriers do not exist. This way of advertising points out that nobody wants to be an outsider, and everyone wants to feel as if one belongs in the desired crowd. By possessing a popular product that is in the hands of the majority of people or the chosen individuals, one does not feel excluded from society. Since it would be absurd nowadays not to own a dishwasher even if there is no need for it, the majority of families will just purchase one not to feel left out. Many vital components complete the Egalitarian way of advertising, making it an effective form of advertising. Some of the techniques that are part of the Egalitarian approach include: the Democracy of Goods, the Democracy of Afflictions, as well as the use of celebrities.
             The ideology of the Democracy of Goods is basically defined by the sense that common people are entitled to enjoy the same exclusive products as the wealthy upper class. The advertisers strive to convince the middle class that by purchasing a certain product they are able to get the same amount of pleasure out of it as the Elites that own the product just as well. The most appealing tactic used is by saying that even though an ordinary person may not have the opportunity to acquire the infinite opulence symbols, they are not excluded from a possibility of enjoying the contentment of having one of these luxuries.

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