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Techniques of Advertising

            In this day and age, the factor that may contribute to a product's success more than quality, price, or accessibility is the way it is marketed or advertised. A lot of times, it just so happens that an excellent product fails and gets outsold by an inferior competitor due to lacking in the advertisement campaign. Especially now, since humans are exposed to so many types of screens and billboards, companies are spending a lot of money to try and fill up as much advertisement space on as many mediums they can possibly find in order to drill their product into people's heads. Companies use a variety of methods in order for their marketing to stick to the public ranging from comedy to celebrity endorsements to complete bombardment of commercials. Very few products and brands are an exception when it comes to these techniques and mass marketing in general. Whether they want to or not, this has become the way to sell, the way to tell the billions of people on this planet that they have made a new product available on the market. If they do not play the game of advertisement, they will not succeed. However, there are some companies who choose to advertise less frequently but with higher quality ads. Commercials that don't just bombard the audience, but provides them with something more interesting to watch and captivates them with a plot or a moral that will help them remember their product and brand. Subaru, an automotive company, has been using this technique for a number of years now and it seems to be paying off. They do not spend hundreds of millions of dollars to release short unoriginal and uninspiring advertisements for the sake of getting the name out there. Instead they may release one advertisement to their competitors' fifteen. But that one ad is made with much more thought and purpose that it is enough to keep the company afloat and thriving in the midst of thick opposition.

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