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Global Warming

             Global Warming is the rising of the Earth's surface temperature due to carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The more carbon dioxide exists in the atmosphere, the warmer than it would be. Today, carbon dioxide not only comes from the natural but also from combustion of coal, oil, gas, and other fossil fuels. Scientists say global temperatures during first 3 months of 2002 were higher than at any time in the past 1,000 years. In bay area, we may not feel the global warming is affecting us a lot, because it's not so hot in the summer here. But, in some area, there is always over 40 degrees in the summer these years. This would be nice for the people who live in colder climates, but to the others who live in the warmer places, it would a disaster.
             In order to our future, we have to stop putting so much pollution in to the air. If we keep making the pollution, we will be in the serious problem.
             If the temperature increases continue at the present rate, the ice will disappear. After that, the ice is nowhere to go but into the oceans. In statistic, the world's oceans will rise by about 18 cm by 2030 and perhaps 58 cm by 2090. It might not seem like a lot, but some coastal cities will disappear. After a few centuries, our generations of descendants need to live under the water.
             Forests, plants, and trees help absorb carbon dioxide; by cutting down most of the forest trees, we will create pollution. In U.S, the scientist's estimate that an all forests, plant and trees in this country could offset 20 percent to 40 percent of the estimated 6.2 .
             billion tons of carbon dioxide emissions. We have to protect our forest, because a tree is the only thing that can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. In order to help the environment and the forest, we can always recycle. Everybody has a little change in lifestyle and behavior can make big changes in greenhouse gas emission reductions.
             One of the main ideas is to use our resources more efficiently; more efficient use means less resource needed, which means we can spent less dollars.

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