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Global Warming

            The earth's temperature is constantly changing and thus causes environmental determinism where man must change his lifestyle to adapt with the environment. The constant changing of the environment due to natural effects as well as hazards caused by humans such as pollution and abuse of natural resources is affecting the earth as well as man. Mankind lives heavily depend on the environment. For survival humans consume food from the natural environment and use other natural resources for other basic survival needs. Environment defined by the Webster's dictionary is "Surrounding conditions, influences, or forces."" The state of the environment is heavily dependent on mankind. With the constant abuse put upon the earth, the natural resources of the earth, deterioration is going to occur. Global warming is a process that is becoming more serious as the green house affect takes place. The definition of global warming according to the Encarta online dictionary is "an increase in the world's temperatures, believed to be caused in part by the greenhouse effect and depletion of the ozone layer."" This process increases the earth's temperatures causing the melting of ice glaciers and other detrimental effects to plague the earth. Fossil fuel burning, disintegration of the ozone layer and deforestation all play factors in the dangerous global warming process. With the constant degradation of the environment by man, global warming is inevitable. .
             The burning of fossil fuels and exhaust emissions increases air pollution, which effects global warming. A fossil fuel is any carbon containing fuel for example coal, peat, petroleum, and natural gas derived from the decomposed remains of prehistoric plants and animals. The United States accounts for 25% of worldwide energy consumption, while it has less than 5% percent of world's population. Fossil fuels are primarily used to produce energy for automobiles, to provide heat, and fuel industrial manufacturing processes.

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