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The Global Impact of International Business

            The international business has a great influence to the daily lives of the people in the society in many ways.
             The global international business has improved the operations of people in terms of access to the business products. The products through the internet advertisement are exposed to the customers who are local people. Therefore, it is very easy to buy a product without really getting to move to specific areas in search of it. It eases the people from too much expenditure in terms of searching for certain goods and services.International business hence makes life cheaper for local people in the society.
             Participation in international business activities enables one to take advantage to deliver goods and services into the local market for local people to access (Neville, 2007). This also increases the number of products available to the people in the local society. An individual' life here is influenced in a more positive way. The exposure of people to this international business environment affects their culture, behavior, and approach to daily life situations (Neville, 2007) . Due to mixture and interaction of various international ideologies, people are likely to change and improve their way of life. International business can be termed here as an agent of culture change in people.
             International business forces everybody to be competitive and this can lead to competence among the society. Hence, economic growth is likely to be a positive influence of international business to the lives of the people. Representation of people in the world business arena is a way the international business is influencing the lives of the people. World business bodies are formed and organize summit meetings globally. They discuss the affairs of the people in the lower society and their economic approach. International business informs people about the situation on the international market (Workman, 2007).

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