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Diplomacy and International Trade

            In the entire world people have many opinions about the relation between diplomacy and international business. Some of them think that it can't be international trade without diplomacy, and others say that diplomacy is not important to do business. .
             As we know an international trade is a trade between two or more partners from different countries. For many years ago the countries have an ambassador or a minister in other countries to treat with the political relations between each country and this person it's not necessarily the person who take decisions about the market between the countries.
             At this moment I think the diplomacy its not the most important way to do business but it is useful to have a good communication with our potential market s and this make easier the exchange of products. .
             We can mention an example of these. In Mexico we have free trade agreement between more than 32 countries and that puts our country in a better position than others to make business, but, we doesn't take advantage of all these trade agreements ad we are not in the first place of exportations. By other hand United States has less Free Trade Agreements than Mexico and is the second country that more exports their product in the entire world without an ambassador or a commercial agreement in each country. .
             With these we conclude that we don't have to have diplomacy to do business, but diplomacy is the conduct to have better negotiations between countries. .

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