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German and English Communication

            "Writing and reading decrease our sense of isolation. They deepen and widen and expand our sense of life: they feed the soul." - Lamott .
             Being able to communicate with the surrounding world is probably one of the most important components to life. Not being able to communicate or having limited communication is very straining on anyone and no one wants to deal with it. As children, everyone had a tough time communicating because everyone was just learning how to use all kinds of forms of communication. Usually, over time, everyone slowly becomes masters of their chosen form of communication, since these skills are used every day, but I did not get the chance to take that time to master my original form of communication. Even though, as a kid, I did not get the chance to use my native language as often as most people do I did get the chance to learn English instead. I did get the chance to learn German later on in life, but it all started with learning English.
             If one were to meet me today they would not think that I was not American born, and that is all thanks to a plane and a lady named Mrs. Leslie. Originally, I was born in 1995 over seas in Bavaria, Germany, and I was as fluent in German as a child and, according to my mom, and apparently I was also quiet the talker. Although most children growing up in a dual-language environment typically are slower to speak, I spoke my first words at the tender age of two. Even though I got the chance to speak relatively soon, I did not get the chance to speak German long. Since my father was American my parents thought it would be good to move to the United States in 1998, so I of course, had to learn English at the age of three. Youth can learn new languages a lot easier than adults can, so my parents took advantage of that and introduced me to English. Usually, to learn another language people study, but I learnt it through music and cinema, my parents, and the woman I mentioned before, Mrs.

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