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Fundamentals of Communication

             TOPIC STATEMENT: Communication studies have different contexts and goals.
             Introduction to Human Communication .
             a.Essentials of Communication .
             b.Communicating in Relationships.
             c.Components of Communication .
             d.Communication Principles .
             II. Communication Contexts .
             a. Intrapersonal Communication .
             b. Interpersonal Communication .
             c. Public Communication .
             d. Mass Communication .
             III.Goals of Communication Study .
             a. Effective of Communication .
             b. Ethical Communication .
             Nowadays, you can improve the way you see yourself, on how to communicate effectively in a variety of situations. You will learn that you can to a considerate, extent control your own behavior, which will lead to positive out comes with others. Studying communication can increase what you have about Human relationships. We're living in a world together in families, chat online and works with people who are different from you, for this reason culture and this ways in which it influences communication are fully integrated. Our ability to use language to build words combine these into meaningful sequences and then though speech that makes us the powerful communications. .
             The reader will be able to enhance their English speaking skills. They will learn to communicate in a proper way. And at the same time , the readers will learn the best way to communicate with someone even if it is the President of the Philippines. They will be able to know how to transmit the message in a proper or good way. On the other hand the writer will learn how to use the positive and negative feedbacks and also how to encode and decode the message. .
             To accomplish this term paper, the writer interviewed her parents and friends for the best topic. She collected books, periodicals etc. for the completion of this term paper. The writer browsed the internet for the wide explanation in every subtopic. And this could not be accomplished without the complete information and support of her English professor.

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