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Leadership and Communication

             The Merriam Webster dictionary defines communication as "the act or process of using words, sounds, signs or behavior to express ideas, thoughts, and feelings to someone else." Based on this definition, one can say that words are not only the way communication is attained in any given environment. In today's business world, we also experience communication through technology, corporate culture just to mention a few. Transformational leaders rely heavily on their oratory skills in order to articulate a vision and to create meaning (Howell & Frost, 1989). They are skilled at communicating and using language, images, symbols, and metaphors. They utilize nonverbal behaviors to influence their followers. It is clear that the ability to craft and communicate an inspirational vision is critical to the success of a firm. Still, leaders need to be aware of the fact they can communicate the same message and identical communications can generate different responses among various followers. Frames are the snapshots that leaders take of their firm's purpose and use to draw a map for action. Values and beliefs that reinforce commitment and provide guidance for daily actions are essential components in creating a meaningful frame for a mission. While the leader's message is critical, the process by which it is communicated is just as important. The style of communication is a distinguishing factor in whether the message will be internalized. It is here where the art of rhetoric and communication competence enters the language of leadership (Migliore, 2011).
             Effective Leadership .
             Effective communication is a significant traits of an effective leader. BusinnessMindervideo (n.d) defines effective leadership by exploring 10 characteristics – Ability to Communicate Effectively, Active Listening, Formation of One on One Relationships, Surrounding Self with like Minder People, Refuses to Let Others Dictate How They Should Do Certain Things, Ability to Identify their Strengths and Weaknesses, Acknowledge the Need for Change, Optimistic and Confident, Patient and Passionate At What They Do, all of which involves dealing with people at different Levels.

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