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Types of Transformational Leadership

            Transformational leadership is the sort of leadership that inspires changes and transforms individual who follow a transformational leader (Gilbert). The concept of transformational leadership date back to 1978 when James McGregor Burns introduced it in his book, Leadership, where he defined it as a process where leaders and their followers heave one another to higher levels of morality and motivation. Such an approach to leadership has integrity, clear goals, high prospect, encourages others, offer support and acknowledgment, stirs the emotions of people, get people to look past their self-interest and instigates people to achieve for the improbable.
             John Kotter in his article, what leaders do, states "leadership and management are two distinctive and complementary systems of action. Each having its function and characteristic activities. Both traits are necessary for success in an increasingly complex and volatile business environment." It shows that for corporations, companies and firms to succeed must transformational leadership and management to be implemented hand in hand. Thus, understanding the difference between management and leadership may help companies groom their people to be able to provide both while at the same time shun away the myth that one cannot "manage and lead" (Hawkins).
             Transformational Leadership and Management.
             Transformational leadership involves the following factors that would complement managers to use in the workplace (Lang) .Idealized Influence; managers need to be exemplary role models. Thus making them be trusted and respected by their juniors to make good decisions for the organization and eventually follow his/ her ideals. Managers are encouraged to be role models where well-led businesses "recognize and reward people who successfully develop leaders" (Gilbert). The aforementioned notion eventually creates "a corporate culture where people value strong leadership and strive to create it" [Gil12].

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