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Visionary Leadership

            There are many keys, tips and tricks that have been said and done in aspiration of creating and being a part of a successful business or organization. As business students, we learn about all the types of successful companies in an attempt to analyze what only makes them not only thrive, but stand out from the others as well. Any type of business or organization can be a success but each one must have good leadership. Throughout the semester we've learned about leadership and the details of how there are so many factors involved. There is not a single sentence or theory to define leadership. In the beginning of the textbook Leadership: Enhancing the Lessons of Experience, we learn that "leadership involves getting results through others.and the ability to build cohesive, goal oriented teams." This point also ties to the end of the textbook that says, "a leader's actions should strengthen followers' beliefs that.they will be more likely to achieve some valued outcome." Looking at the business or organization as a whole, this outcome is usually included in the mission, values, and ultimately their vision. The spirit and vision of a company influences its productivity. Consequently, leadership is a huge topic to be discussed and debated, but this paper aims to discuss the importance of a vision in leadership with reference to Burt Nanus's book Visionary Leadership. A leader's vision and their ability to communicate and inspire it ties a lot of leadership concepts together. A vision, good or bad, could also show whether an organization has a secure future. Nanus uses a multitude of references to show the importance and give understanding to leadership and especially vision. Throughout this paper I will analyze and discuss the ideas from Visionary Leadership and relate them to the concepts learned from the Leadership textbook and course. .
             Close your eyes and picture yourself in the future achieving your greatest success.

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