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Leadership Theories in Healthcare

            Leadership or as I have titled my paper "LDRSHIP" is the Army acronym for what they want a leader to be Loyal Duty Respect Selfless Service Honor Integrity and lastly Personal Courage. I have lived by these seven values most of my adult life. "Leadership is a process of influencing people by providing purpose direction and motivations to accomplish the mission and improve the organization (ADP 6-22)." Purpose gives followers a reason to achieve an outcome. Direction giving clear direction to prioritize tasking, and assigning responsibility so not just one person is not doing everything understanding what is standard. Lastly motivation supplies the will to do what is needed to accomplish the goal. To sum this all up the ability to inspire and empower others.
             We as a class were asked to take some assessments to determine what types of leaders we were I took several different ones and the one that seemed more appropriate was the one that states I'm a creative leader. It is said that creative leaders are the most valuable when it comes to leadership because it involves cognitive, abstract and associative abilities but also recognize analogies and can be intuitive (p.540, Papp). Most often we are described as visionaries or entrepreneurs we are driven and love starting new things. We instinctively look at things and see the possibility for a start up products or companies we look at an ideal and make it a reality. It has been said that creativity is a generation of novel ideas and leads to the production of goods and services (p.30, Saxena). We creative leaders get into trouble if we are in one place to long we are the gypsy of the leadership field. My assessment also identified with the trait of someone of experience the wise one, the listener not always the man at the top of organizations but the person that is mostly likely to help someone see the bigger picture, the ideal role model.

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