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Influence of the Cuban Revolution

            The Cuban Revolution was an extremely influential event in Latin America, if not the world itself. While the product of a European ideology, it exemplified the hopes of millions as a cure for the detrimental poverty that was present in Latin America as well as the desire for change that lay dormant in the younger generations. The lives of modern day people are still influenced by the Cuban Revolution, even in America, mostly demonstrated by a lingering distaste for Communism as well as economic embargoes with Cuba. The Cuban Revolution, in its time, forced Latin American governments to reevaluate themselves as well as their people's needs, while many fought against the rise of Communism there were a few, such as Salvador Allende, who embraced it and introduced new reforms to their countries.
             Castro's revolution was seen as alluring not only because it succeeded but it was fairly simple to execute. In theory, the Cuban rebels hid in the mountains, dared the government to come after them, and fought on a harsh terrain with guerilla tactics. While this was no simple feat and many people did die, it succeeded in breaking down the Batista regime in Cuba: 'But suddenly Batista was gone.taking with him much of the top echelon of his government. A new leader, young and bearded.marched into Havana.' (Dominguez, 95). Castro was also a striking figure himself, standing juxtaposed from other, much older revolutionaries, many describing him as a charming, well educated, courageous, etc. The fact that Castro was young when he ignited a revolution helped him, physical strain of it aside, as it allowed him to relate to the younger generations who were frustrated with the extreme levels of poverty that plagued certain countries in Latin America. .
             Rampant poverty was a problem that Castro's revolution intended to solve. In many places in Latin America, people were poor and did not have access to basic necessities: 'The Chileans' standard of living is lower than in Argentina.

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