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            Throughout history the United States has looked for ways to gain economic and strategic power. A prime example of this drive for power can be seen in the United States" dealings with Cuba. Strategically as well as economically Cuba was seen as the perfect addition for the United States to establish itself as a world power. .
             The line of Cuban independence from Spain was one which was constantly being blurred. Before the end of the American Civil War, rich plantation owners in Cuba were eager to sever ties with Spain in order to be incorporated by the United States (Dent 1999, 116). If the slave holding United States would have entered Cuba, both the Cuban elite and the United States would have benefited economically. After the United States abolished slavery, there was less incentive for the Cuban plantation owners to push for American annexation. .
             On the other hand, there were many Cubans fighting for a revolution under the auspices of a raceless nation. These people were from all walks of life. Before it was officially mandated, many slave owners would free their slaves if they would participate in the revolution. This idea of a raceless nation was for the most part a myth. Considering one's nation as raceless is contradictory in and of itself because when you consider racelessness, you are acknowledging the existence of race. Although freeing slaves to fight for the revolution appeared to be a noble idea, it was often for selfish reasons. The freed slaves would be put to work doing the work which most people did not want to do such as digging trenches and so forth (Ferrer). Due to this the revolution was doomed from the beginning. Had Cubans actually believed in a raceless society, they would have been better off.
             The problems the Cubans were having with ideas of a raceless society were not totally their own fault. In looking for aid in the revolution, Cubans turned to the United States.

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