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Country Overview - Cuba

            Cuba is a country in the Caribbean islands which its geography impacts the environment in many different ways.
             Cuba is the most westward island in the Caribbean with its neighbors such as Dominican Republic and Haiti. Cuba is also listed as the largest country in the Caribbean and has a population over 11 million people. It's similar in size to the state of Pennsylvania and its 90 miles away from the coast of Florida. Cuba has around 200 rivers in which the Cauto is the longest river which flows from the east to the Caribbean Sea. Three-fifths of the land is flat rolling plains and the rest of the island is surrounded by mountains. The Sierra Maestra Mountain Range is located in Cuba in which the Pico Turquino is the largest mountain. Cuba's location is right on the tropic of cancer which makes the climate hot all year round and endures frequent hurricanes. The capital of Cuba is Havana which has 2.1 million people which makes it the most populated city in this island. Cuba is also home to one of the United States Naval Stations called Guantanamo bay. The United States leases Guantanamo bay for about 4100 dollars a year. Its use is for coaling and for a naval station but also has been used as a prison for extremely dangerous prisoners (terrorists etc.). Cuba has a lot of natural resources but its main use is sugar. Cuba has the largest production of sugar in the world in which uses its rivers to export sugar and to import goods sent from other countries. The sugar company of Cuba represents 5.7% of the export sales in the world. .
             The geography of Cuba and its natural resources made most countries want to invest in it. The United States took a big stand in trying to control the sugar production and its trading exports. Cuba was a main agriculture country in the 1800's where plantations were very popular. There was a big importation of slaves coming onto the fields to produce the sugar. The climate was always hot so the slaves had to work in those hot working conditions.

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