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Management Skills and Employees Job Satisfaction

             The notion of leadership denotes the influence managers have on the behaviour and decisions of their juniors which aligns to the overall organizational goals. The success of any organisation greatly depends on the leadership style of its management. An effective leader inspires his subordinates to work towards a common goal in a more productive manner and also help attain greater level of job satisfaction. This study tried to look into the relationship between the managerial leadership skills and overall employee satisfaction. The results demonstrated that an adaptive and flexible leadership invokes the job satisfaction of their employees. .
             The success of any organization is directly proportional to two very important factors of job satisfaction of employees and the leadership skills of the managers. The organization for its success very much requires a capable leader who can provide direction for the organisation for its success and could prove to be a guide for the subordinates in order to achieve the organisational goals. Similarly, if the employees are satisfied with the kind of work that they are doing and are happy with the organisation, they are more likely to go an extra mile to perform their duties and thus ensuring the organisational success (Akehurst, G., Comeche, J. M., & Galindo, M., 2009). An organisation, who can invoke higher levels of job satisfaction among its employees, is more likely to retain and attract the talent and skills required in the interests of the organisation. The relationship between these two important factors have been subject of numerous studies whose results have shown that leadership does have significant effects on the level of job satisfaction and the organisational performance (Antonakis, J., Avolio, B. J., & Sivasubramaniam, N., 2003). .
             Higher the job satisfaction of the employees, the greater is their psychological and physical health and those results in better performance of the employees.

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