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Organizations and Employee Retention

             Employee retention can be achieved in every organization when the employees are motivated and inspired by their managers or supervisors. Although employees are motivated by salary, most employees are 99% more motivated by seven other human resource needs that are crucial for managers to figure out. Retaining employees includes empowering them such as; train them for other jobs, give them responsibility for projects, offer constant informal feedback, and offer them access to many different kinds of information. A knowledgeable manager who motivates and inspires employees to perform will benefit any organization for the reason that they will enhance employee retention and decrease turnover.
             Keywords: Leadership, Retention, Motivation.
             Managing and Measuring Employee Retention.
             Organizations today need managers who are knowledgeable business partners skilled at managing change. How do you "Manage and Measure Employee Retention?" SimpleMotivate to perform! Managers need loyalty from those they lead, but first they have to earn that loyalty. When engineers in ancient Rome built arches in a wall or to support a bridge, they took responsibility for them in a very personal way. As the Center of the arch was set in place, the engineer was expected to stand directly under it. It was a dramatic way of showing his confidence in his own skills – and in the skills of the workers he had trained and supervised. The gesture proved his commitment and earned the respect of those he led. The principle still holds: Leaders who stand behind – or under – the work their followers do will always have someone willing to stand behind them (Goldman, Choose What Works). .
             Employee retention refers to the various policies and practices which let the employees stick to an organization for a longer period of time. Measuring employee retention is defined as "turnover" and is the number of employees leaving the company divided by the total number of employees within the company.

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