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Importance of Organizational Behavior

            To be able to see importance of the organizational behavior I will concentrate on one issue. I will try to show importance of the loyalty between employee and employer. Very often we are asking question is there any employee loyalty or is it already dead? .
             The closing of the twentieth century marks an era of unprecedented corporate and organizational accomplishment in America. Downsizing, restructuring and vest changes in the way we work have demoralized employees and left them distrustful. Workers have been told - either indirectly or straight out - that they are free agents, responsible for their own careers. .
             That is what happened in 1998. The company I was working for (Rexworks Inc.) started downsizing due to bad decisions made by the upper management. To make things even worse management decided to lay-off some people just before Christmas shutdown to save some money by not paying holiday and as well they targeted older employees. After this incident the morale of rest of the employees went down. Everybody was not working with the same dedication as before. They were coming to work just for one reason to put required time. After a year or so I had conversation with Vice President of Sales, who asked, why young people working in this company are working with much less dedication to the job and company and not working as hard as their parents? At that time I told him that they will not work the same way as their parents because they saw what happened to them and how they were treated. That after giving to the company twenty or more years they were given ½ hour to pack theirs personal staff and leave the company. Similar situation happened at the company I am working presently with one big difference. My previous company did not know how to handle this type of issues and as a result it does not exist anymore, where my preset company is doing something about disappearing loyalty and commitment to the company.

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