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Importance of Organizational Behavior

             Importance of Organizational Behavior.
             Importance of Organizational Behavior.
             In order to prove of that organizational behavior is a vital .
             ingredient in the development of the workforce, I will develop managerial .
             perspectives on organizational behavior. I will then characterize the .
             manager's job in terms of its functions, roles, and necessary skills. .
             Next, I will identify and discuss a variety of managerial, organizational, .
             and competitive challenges and relate them to organizational behavior. .
             Finally, I will discuss how to manage for organizational effectiveness in .
             the context of organizational behavior.
             Organizational Behavior is a field of study that investigates the impact .
             that individuals, groups, and structure have on behavior within .
             organizations for the purpose of applying such knowledge toward improving .
             an organization's effectiveness. (Robbins, 2001) .
             Management and organizational behavior are interrelated in many ways. .
             Understanding and practicing management without considering the numerous .
             areas from the field of organizational behavior is essentially impossible. .
             Managerial Perspectives of Organizational Behavior.
             Organizational Behavior is not an organizational function or area. .
             Instead, it is best described as a perspective or set of tools that all .
             managers can use to carry out their jobs more effectively. (Kanter, 1989) .
             Managers use organizational behavior to better understand themselves, .
             their subordinates, their superiors, their peers and colleagues, and .
             people outside the organization.
             First, managers can also use their knowledge from the field of .
             organizational behavior to better understand their own behaviors and .
             feelings. Understanding personal needs and motives, how to improve .

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