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Job Redesign and Employee Motivation

             Job design related applications came into limelight with the scientific management theory of Taylor and Gilbert. One of these is "Job redesign". Later on this terminology was broken down into other components named as job rotation, job enlargement, job enrichment, job engineering, and job characteristics purposed Frederick Herzberg, Hackman & Oldman and others. The paper is the detail analysis of the effect of these components on employee motivation. Paper will try to seek out that whether redesigning the job increase or decrease employee motivation or it has no effect. Job Redesign is basically a process of 'restructuring' job i.e. adding similar tasks and responsibilities to the current job. It is usually done to make the job more exciting, encouraging and inspiring so that the employees feel that they are part of organization and they remain motivated. .
             Introduction .
             OD theorists try to improve the effectiveness and the efficiency of an organization with the help of some principles. (J. Richard Hackman 1980) argued that the only aim of managers is to improve the efficiency of the organization by using rational administrative policies and procedures. According to the classic theorists, rationality and efficiency of organizations can be maximized by the clear channels of authority, centralized decision making, proper division of labor and compliance with the rules and regulations, (John Constable 2010). According to these principles work efficiency can be maximized if jobs are simplified and specialized, employees will perform in a more efficient way if they perform a same function repeatedly but not if they are given different unspecialized tasks. In short the classic theorist believe in the division of work. The principles designed by these theorists are according to the job design in industrial engineering presented by Frederick Taylor; according to him employees should be rewarded if they complete their jobs on a particular day and should match the performance standards set by the managers.

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