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Job Redesign

            Many times, employees do not feel that their job and responsibilities have purpose. However, they still come to work everyday and carry out their rote duties so that they will receive a paycheck that will enable them to buy groceries for their family and pay the rent or mortgage. This paper will focus on a position within a previous employer that had become blasé and was a good candidate for job redesign. It will identify the current tasks and responsibilities of the position, discuss various approaches that could be used to redesign the selected position, describe the major tasks and responsibilities of the redesigned position, and discuss recommendations for the implementation of the newly redesigned position.
             The company that I previously worked for was a large computer storage hardware manufacturer. We also had a software division, for which I was employed. My position within the company was the lead analyst in our alliance department. I was tasked with contacting companies with possibly compatible technology, and initiating a dialogue with them to ascertain whether there were any synergies between our products and companies. This required hours upon hours of research on the internet, reading business journals and trade magazines, and going to different trade shows and walking the show floor. Additionally, this position was tasked with developing co-marketing agreements with the companies that were selected, maintaining the relationships, making sure that the compatible technology was tested with each new revision of our or their software, and communicating the scope of the relationship with the sales force so that they could promote it to current customers and prospects as a value-added product or service.
             The major problem with the position as it was lied in the beginning of the process. After successfully negotiating a contract with a new company and taking care of the communication to the field sales teams, it was time to start researching the next company.

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