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E-Recruiting and the Internet

            A successful organization needs a good division of human resources. The human resources department helps fill the open positions left by people leaving the organization and also by people that promoted or people that moved to another department. A lot of consideration and planning is needed in order to be successful at recruiting good applicants. These plans must include "both a consideration of the organization's needs for people and the supply of possible people to hire." (Spector, 2003, p. 134). .
             Government agencies keep track of information on the amount of accessible workers in the different type of employment categories. One of the several agencies in the United States is O*NET. Even with these government agencies, there are other ways of finding job listings. .
             Many organizations find it challenging to get people to apply for a job. It is always best to have a large number of applicants to choose from. It may be easier to recruit applicants in one job than another. For those under staffed jobs, the organization has to go to great measures to attract the right people to fill the openings. There are about six methods organizations commonly use to recruit applicants: advertising, school recruiters, employee referral, walk-ins, employment agencies, and web recruiting. The main focus of this paper is web recruiting. Some of the ways you can recruit on the web is by posting a job listing on Moster.com or the hundreds of other online recruiting pages. These types of technology have had a great impact on recruitment in the past few years. Hotjobs.com and Monster.com, web-based recruitment companies, have grown at tremendous rates in the past few years and have posed a great risk to traditional newspaper want ads. These newspaper want ads simply can not compete with the broad database of job listings that the web-based recruitment companies offer. For example, the Monster website has shown that by 2002, 24 million applicants have registered with the services and they have has over 1 million job postings.

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