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The Internet

            As a very heavy user of the Internet, I feel the use of it and how it works should be mastered. Without getting into too much detail the Internet and the World Wide Web are different in some way. The Internet is actually a worldwide network. The history of the Internet started way back in the 1960s. Protocols and browsers make up the Internet and also have a lot to do with how the Internet works. Using the Internet is not very difficult at all, especially if you are familiar with a few elements of a computer. Electronic mail is a feature that is used most often on the Internet. Viruses are a cause of some problems on the Internet. Search engines are used when you dont exactly know where to get the information that you are researching on the Internet. The Internet and the World Wide Web is a very broad topic that can go into much detail further more than comparing the two.
             There is a small difference between the World Wide Web and the Internet. Most people use them interchangeably. The basis for the Web is the Internet. The Web is built on the Internet, and makes use of many of the mechanisms the Internet provides. The Internet is the hardware or physical aspects such as computers, networks, and/or services. It allows us to connect to thousands of other computers across the world. But it doesnt allow users to look at and understand the information there. The Web is an abstraction and common set of services on top of the Internet. It is the set of protocols and tools that let us share information with each other. The Web was developed with the concept of universal readership. Any participating system should be able to read the information on any connected system using browsers, servers, addressing schemes, common protocols, and format negotiation. .
             The Internet is a network of networks that are interconnected physically and capable of communicating and sharing data with each other. The network is able to act together as a single network.

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