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The Internet

             I use the large network of computers, called the Internet, every day. I"m writing emails to some of my friends, the ones who I don't see everyday. I visit different homepages to find information about all sorts of things, e.g. to write this essay. I will write about how the Internet was founded, and how it works. I will also tell about which problems there are today, and about the large perspectives and I will try to give my opinion on how the Internet will be in the future. .
             It all began with a computer network called Arpanet. The American Ministry of Defence founded Arpanet in co-operation with some American universities in the late sixties. The computer net was originally founded to secure that all instances of the American military could communicate with each other, even after a nuclear attack. Later on Arpanet was extremely popular among certain universities, and in 1986 the responsibility for Arpanet was moved from the American Ministry of Defence to NSF (National Science Foundation) and was now called the Internet. After this the Internet became tremendously popular. At first different firms used the Internet, but especially in the middle nineties the private consumer accepted the Internet as an indispensable way of communicate. .
             Today the Internet consists of large telephone companies and universities nets. Each net connects a large number of computers also know as servers. When you are on the net your computer is connected through the telephone lines to one of those servers.
             All computers on the Internet have an address; it is this address you use when you want to connect to a server. This address, an IP-address, consist of four numbers between 1 and 255. This number is obviously quite difficult to remember so each number is connected to a name. For instance a homepage could have the IP-address or the name www.the-internet.dk .
             One of the many functions of the Internet is electronic mail (abbreviate: E-mail).

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