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The Internet

             In the last decade the Internet has grown from a dream into the most advanced reality. You can find practically anything you want to on the world's fastest growing tool. Computers are now very advanced and affordable so the Internet is also one of the most widely used tools. Like anything in the world the Internet also has a few bad points, however I think that the good points of the Internet out weigh the bad ones. .
             General information can be easily found on any subject with the simple click of the mouse. Many people use the Internet in genealogy research, or track down family or friends on a people search. The Internet can also take the place of a phone book with phone number search engines and yellow page directories. It can also be a great advantage when one is planning to travel; maps are easily accessed, and unlimited research can be done on a destination. One can easily find information on any hobby, and there is usually an Internet club for every hobby imaginable. If one is into games then there are demos for most computer games, or you could even play chess with someone overseas. There are also an unlimited number of personal ads to have fun with or maybe make a new friend. I am a music lover and there are an unlimited number of resources for all types of music. I have downloaded nearly 400 songs from the Internet, and it was all free and legal. If one does not have time to go shopping for Christmas there are millions of online stores for any type of gift; there are even online grocery stores. One can search huge databases of used or new cars until they find the one that is right for them. There are also thousands of classified adds to search through if the item one is looking for cannot be bought new or is discontinued. There are even online auctions where one can conveniently buy or sell new or used items. One can even pay their bills online. Of course if one wants to look into a product before they purchase it there are discussion forums on nearly every item.

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