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Job Design & Enrichment

            Anyone with the least bit of work experience can attest that job tasks quickly become mundane, and the job itself seems to lose its importance after awhile. Managers are given the tough task of developing a job design. They must keep in mind how quickly workers lose focus and motivation to complete their job effectively, and on time. Another factor to consider when designing a job is to keep the employee happy and satisfied. An employee must be content with their job, and maintain a genial manner to effectively complete the tasks given to them. Job design itself mostly pertains to effectively modifying a job so that it provides the employee with an enriching experience, while accomplishing a great deal of work as well. By providing an employee with a variety of tasks, as well as the opportunity to constantly learn new skills, will result in an increase in both production and worker satisfaction.
             When a job is effectively modified for an employee it may increase their productivity a great deal from its previous point. Once an employee has worked at an organization for a prolonged period of time a manager will have a better idea who the person is, and what activities and responsibilities they would be best suited to carry out. Job design falls within the same lines as continuous improvement. If a company is constantly working to improve job satisfaction and efficiency the limits are endless for the company to expand. This allows the company to eliminate unnecessary tasks as well as discover new and more proficient ways to accomplish their respective goals.
             When job design occurs it should incorporate the organization's goals first and foremost. Each organization in the business world possesses their own specific agenda, and must assist in defining what each employee's purpose is within the company. Job enrichment helps define this purpose. Job enrichment ensures that each employee is made responsible for their work, accountable to the customer, given greater opportunities within the company, and receives feedback on their progress.

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