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i/o psychologists & licensed

            I/O psychologists should not have be licensed like clinical psychologists.
             Industrial/Organization (I/O) psychology is another interesting field of psychology. Formally, I/O psychology is defined as a sub-field of psychology that studies and advises on workplace behavior (Myers 2001). More specifically, I/O psychologists might help train employees, boost moral and productivity, and design product as well as access responses to them (Myers 2001). An attribute that makes I/O psychology different than other field of psychology like clinical psychology, as evidenced by its job description, is that it deals more with the business side of society when compared to clinical psychology field. Clinical psychologists study, access, and treat troubled people (Myers 2001). More specifically, they may act as therapists for people who are mentally or emotionally ill. In other word clinical psychologists practicing on human life in every day, so they must need a licensed to works. But the I/O psychologists should not have to be licensed, because the activity of I/O psychologists are directed toward organizations, not individuals, people are not at risk of psychological damage due to I/O related activities, and many tasks performed by I/O psychologists are also performed by nonpsychologists (Sackett, Thomas, Borman, & Campion, 1995).
             Even though, I/O psychologists not work directly with people who are mental, emotional or medical problem and in place such as hospitals, clinics and counseling entres. But I/O psychologists work with occupying such as a prominent place in the lives of most people; it is an important area for the development of and research on psychofortology (Strumpfer, 1995). They can help businesses improve worker productivity, design user-friendly workplaces and equipment, coordinate effective training programs and do vocational assessments with help match people to job. Specified is from an organizational diagnosis point of view, qualify of work life can be predicted by identifying the psychofortological functioning among employees.

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