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             Funny Phobias.
             Most of the people in the world have a fear of one kind or another. While most .
             people suffer from pathophobia (fear of disease), monophobia (fear of being alone), .
             glossophobia (fear of public speaking), algophobia (fear of pain), taphephobia (fear of .
             being buried alive), and many more, there are also some less popular phobias. At the end .
             of this essay, I have compiled a list of the phobias that I find amusing.
             There are many people in the world that suffer from polyphobia, which simply .
             means to have more than one fear. Not so common, people may suffer from antinomial .
             phobias. For example, there are some people that live with vestiophobia (fear of clothes) .
             and gymnophobia (fear of nudity). Another example is people with achluophobia (fear of .
             darkness) and photophobia (fear of light).
             Watch out guys, within the next seven years, you will probably get married and .
             you will suffer from pentheraphobia, which is one of the scariest phobias in existence, the .
             fear of your mother-in-law!.
             Not all phobias have been in existence for thousands of years. I'm sure that .
             brontophobia (fear of thunder and lightning), febriphobia (fear of fever), and .
             ophidiophobia (fear of snakes) have existed since the Black Ages. Some of the phobias .
             that have formed in the last two centuries would be electrophobia (fear of electricity), .
             motorphobia (fear of automobiles), and aviophobia (fear of flying). In 1945, a brand new .
             phobia was quickly created and escalated drastically in the 1950's. It is called .
             nucleomituphobia, which is the fear or nuclear weapons. But that's not the newest phobia .
             in existence as of today. This threat is called cyberphobia (fear of computers). In mild .
             cases, people may be afraid to use a computer or an ATM. In today's society, technology .
             is deeply integrated. Computers are used in calculators, cars, microwaves, power tools, .

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