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Career Research Essay

            "Creative without strategy is called 'art', creative with strategy is called 'advertising'", claims Jef l. Richards. I heartily agree with his favorable comments on advertising. Now with the development of technology there are more and more digital products requiring a certain media form to present in public. Media provides a helpful stage for commercial products or activities to better perform its advantages to audiences. I am the person who would rather watch advertising than enjoy a movie or TV drama. The desire to be an adman has crept up on me unexpectedly when thinking about what major will fit me to attend my future career. I need to accomplish my goal through education. In order to be a professional Adman in the advertising field, gaining education, enhancing job skills, and getting the internship experience are the most important factors that will contribute to my career path successfully.
             First of all, gaining high school diploma is number one thing that I need to accomplish so as to apply for two-year associate degree at community college. The reason why I chose to study high school in American is because it takes 3-years long to finish it. It spends so much time studying it. Then I chose Greenriver Community College (GRCC) where is the place to fulfill my need. In GRCC's website tells us, "Earn two degrees for the price and time of one. Graduate in just two years with a high school diploma plus a university transfer associate degree". So, I don't worry about time-consuming with getting both of them. Now I am able to get my high school diploma while taking college classes. This program offers various courses that satisfy both high school and the transfer credit, such as CMST& 102, MATH 147, MUSC& 105. The benefit is that we can help our parents save more money studying two diplomas at one time. According to GRCC's international program webpage, it says SAT is required to complete high school diploma.

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