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Gender Equality

             Men are physically stronger while women are more emotionally aware. Men are best suited as providers while women are better nurturers. Of course, there are always exceptions, but these generalizations are relative to our biological origins. We acknowledge the differences between the sexes, but who can say that one is better than the other? They balance each other out. But, in a male dominated world, masculine tendencies are utilized and associated with power. Feminists recognized this and pushed for equality within the sexes. When women finally were able to enter the workforce, they had to prove themselves in a "man's field," often forgoing their feminine qualities, and mimicking male attributes. Now females are born with a disadvantage, not only do they have to ignore their natural tendencies, but learn male behavior to succeed in the workforce. Cultural norms have inhibited advancements in equality often exploited by the media, by supporting the association of submission with women and dominance with men. .
             Feminist movements, such as achieving the right to vote in the 1920's, and the push for equality in the workforce and education in the 1970's, brought to light, more than ever, the inequalities of the sexes. These movements brought attention to basic human rights; that politics, education, and employment should be equally accessible to the sexes. But as women moved into the workforce, they found that to be successful in their career, they would have to model male behavior. In Holly Devor's essay, "Becoming Members of Society: Learning the Social Meanings of Gender," she supports this claim of modeling male behavior. She claims that "research shows that dominant persons of either gender tend to use influence tactics and verbal styles usually associated with men and masculinity (Devor 414). Consequently, while females were trying to reach equality by showing they can do anything a man does, they gave males the biggest compliment of mimicking.

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