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gender equality

            Women's share of management positions remains unacceptably low in today's society. The termglass ceiling? has come to represent the current state the female worker is in, an invisible barrier that separates women from reaching the top step of the hierarchical ladder of success.
             Unless it is immediately recognized that equality is an essential foundation in the building of societies that are both socially and economically advanced, the growth of that society will be horribly stunted. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that a greater proportion of women participate in management activities that relate to economic development. .
             Today, a large and increasing number of women are well qualified in a wide field of jobs, however, occupational segregation based on gender are still very much holding down the females of this economy. Very few have been victorious in breaking through the glass ceiling toward a successful future. It is true that more women now hold management jobs, but they are clustered at lower levels and in less vital areas. Their access to top managerial jobs remains severely restricted. .
             Views of female roles in society stem largely from women's primary responsibility for family care and welfare as generalized by the media. The simple fact is that this is not true and there is a sharp increase in women in the workforce who are just as qualified as a man of their corresponding position. This affect of society has subliminally manipulated women into thinking they are destined to be if not a housewife, then at very best a nurse. The willingness to accept and choose such occupations are the result of history's influence on women, and the recorded history of low wages to women for the same work done of a man. The idea is simple: equal pay for equal work, and equal work to equal people. The benefits of the realization of this concept are obvious. The more women workers, the more productivity to be benefited by the economy.

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