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Gender Equality in Drafting

             Nowadays, women are seeking equality with men. In fact, each gender is better than the other one in different tasks. One of the big arguments a person can find when exploring the equality issues between the male and female is going to war. Should women be drafted? Would it be just a consequence of equality? Or, do you think female should stay home because they cannot handle the war obligations?.
             Over the last years, women are more active in professional life. Women are architectures, doctors, and engineers. Now, they are seeking equality with men more than ever. Females are one half of the world population who are contributing tremendously to the society. Inequality retards not only the advancement of women but also the progress of civilization itself. So, women should attain full partnership with men in all fields.
             Military obligation is one of the big arguments that come from the equality of the sexes in all different areas. In a war that is basically demanding physical contest, putting women against men is not fair. Women are not strong enough to fight in direct combat. They could also distract the male soldiers; and get rapped as prisoners of war.
             In my opinion, women should be drafted. But they cannot be given the same tasks men's are given. Women should play the non-combat roles. Female soldiers can be nurses, technology professionals or even pilots who drop bombs from airplanes where quick reflex and mental power are the soldier tools. On the other hand females soldiers cannot handle navigating plain terrain, carrying heavy packs, and fighting the enemy. .
             The gender equality is misplaced in wartime. Men and women are equal in many areas but they are not the same. If we were having a combat with an enemy a pregnant soldiers would not help so much.

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