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Promoting Gender Equality

            Gender inequality refers to unequal treatment of individuals based on their gender and this remains to be a major barrier to human development. For girls in many regions, education still remains unattainable. The world can progress immensely if we promote gender equality as several women have the capability to excel in so many aspects in life. However, they do not have the opportunity to receive education or work, violating their human right. There would be economic growth in nations and this would greatly stimulate development around the globe.
             Global Perspective .
             Women living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are afraid to speak about the abuse they go through at home in fear of their husbands/fathers/male guardians as they are brutally abused. It is also illegal to be present in public areas without the presence of a related man, making it impossible for women to grow as independent leaders. The gender inequality index ranks countries by taking account of factors such as maternal mortality ratio and education attainment levels; Afghanistan is ranked 134/138 countries, this proves that women living in Afghanistan are forced into living a life they don't wish to, they are forced to stop education and they are victims of domestic violence and abuse. The number of abortions for girls increased immensely in India, most low-income and middle class families prefer and want a boy child, and therefore, several female fetuses are killed daily.
             National Perspective.
             In the United Arab Emirates, Muslim men can freely choose their wife, but Muslim women are forbidden from marrying non-Muslim men unless they convert their religion. Moreover, punishments for committing illegal crimes are harsher for women than they are for men. Men are free to do what they like without fearing the consequence of being punished whereas the women are punished brutally. It is also unacceptable for a woman to live alone; this leaves domestic workers in a very vulnerable position as they are also considered independent at the age of eighteen and cannot live on their own, this could force them into marriage when they're not ready.

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