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Gender Issues in the Workplace

            Imagine for a second the 1910's and the women who lived in that era. Women were not allowed to even cast their vote on a ballot, while men were looked down upon if they took care of the children or did household chores. Society has definitely came a long way in the past fifty years for gender equality, yet we still have a long way to go. Since 1980, there have been more female students enrolled in higher education institutions than men. However, once women enter the job market their gender inequality goes downhill. Although gender issues in the workplace cannot be solved overnight, it is important that we make them an issue of the past. Encouraging a healthier workplace that brings down the barriers that prevent it should be accomplished. .
             For instance, in the U.S today, men make up only 42% of college students. According to census figures released in 2011, among the 25-29 year old age group, 36% of woman had a 4-year degree compared to men. In addition a woman only earns eighty cents for every dollar a man earns. In fact women are acquiring equal job qualification and make better grades, but still earn less money than their male co-workers. Women are generally not expected to ask for higher starting pay due to their behavior that is typically not as aggressive as their male coworkers. Motherhood limits the amount of hours, work day flexibility, and travel requirements many jobs with higher responsibility and pay have. However, higher numbers of males are choosing to stay home with their children, while their wives are the sole breadwinners. A few decades ago this choice for a male would have been completely unheard of. Men also tend to dominate the fields of math and science which typically lead to higher paying degrees. Furthermore, even with huge advances in the number of degrees woman are earning, now is not the time for women to become complacent with their progress. The glass ceiling for woman still has yet to be broken.

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