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Work Discrimination and Gender Inequality

            Since the early 1900's women have been fighting against the suppression of gender inequality, whether at home or in the workplace. Women have come a long way, of course, and are definitely fighting to win the battle of equality, but gender roles are very important in our society. They have been acquired in life from birth and society continues to uphold these gender roles. Male gender treatment is very different from women. This issue has become very important to me, as a woman. As early as infancy, we learn to adjust to the specific gender roles, and as we grow, they become more apparent, more important to our roles in society (norms). There is a lot of sexual discrimination against women and because of this discrimination, social mobility has been difficult, but it is certainly changing to benefit women.
             However, women are still belittled in society, men are still dominant. I think that this issue is very important, not only for women, but for everyone. This is a problem that affects everyone! People need to acknowledge the fact that women are far more educated, stronger, and actively involved in the world now, opposed to half a century ago. I am personally affected by gender inequality on a daily basis from unequal pay in workplace to consumer buying in society. I should not feel like I should have to carry out male characteristics on a job interview to get higher pay or even take my father with me to the car dealer to prevent from being over charged.
             Debate this issue, however, many people do not believe that women belong to the high-powered position. Social functionalist view women with equal power to men as dysfunctional because it violates the traditional view of men/women roles. They believe that women are not belligerent enough nor resilient enough to deal with the high pressure that sometimes come with higher positions. In a nut shell, social functionalist think that women will be best off carrying out traditional gender roles, which includes staying at home to take care of the family and housework.

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